hi i'm megan and I love panic! at the disco, breaking bad and studio ghibli lms (◕‿◕✿)
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when ur up too late and ur mom comes in ur roomimage



i can make a gif out of ANYTHING. this is too mcuh power


i present to you: a perfectly looping gif of oppa spongebob style


Studio Ghibli » Kiki’s & Arrietty’s Dress

I Miss You // Blink 182




when me and my ex were dating we biked to mcdonald’s and got ice cream and then sat on this curb and talked and kissed and ate our ice cream and talked about how this would be in an edgy relatable young adult novel and today I walked past that spot again

lms if you’re stressed about your concert outfit


a mix of songs that start slow/soft and explode

505 - Arctic Monkeys // Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys // Jesus Christ - Brand New // Bad Mood - The Vaccines // Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance // Remembering Sunday - All Time Low // The Only Exception - Paramore // Do Me a Favour - Arctic Monkeys // Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots // Luca - Brand New // Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend

listen here